iChic Gear has been created to bring fashion to the smartphone and tablet accessory market.

Since its early stage, the focus for product design and creation was definitely fashion. The use of noble materials, the release of products by collection, the attention to details are only a few examples of the values beneath the brand.

Materials used to craft its exquisite accessories range from denim and tweed to genuine silk. The result is stunning: glam and useful accessories for the most popular devices in the world.

Beginning of 2012, Kaporal Jeans, the famous French denim garment company approached iChic Gear for the development and creation of denim accessories for the mobile world.

in 2013, iChic Gear is selected by Little Marcel for its IT accessory license.

Other French luxury clothing brands turned to iChic Gear for the manufacturing of smartphone or tablet accessories that would be sold through their garment retail channel.

Encouraged by such successful experience, iChic Gear has been placing its know how at the service of more fashion brands to design, create and manufacture their smartphone and tablet accessories.

With an amazing rate of consumers worldwide owning a smartphone, recognized fashion brands cannot afford leaving this market segment aside. Also, they appreciate the expertise and professionalism of iChic Gear who will help them create, develop and produce the right accessories for their mobile clients.

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